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ETGAR is a group of companies formed for the improvement of employment, home care and welfare in the state of Israel 25 years ago. ETGAR Home Care and Welfare is the largest and oldest division of the group, it is one of the largest nursing agencies in Israel and has many branches throughout the country.ETGAR Home Care and Welfare employs thousands of Israeli caregivers who are trained, qualified and sensitive to the weak. ETGAR caregivers come from all over the country; speaking Hebrew, Russian, Arabic and other foreign languages. With the help of these loyal employees, ETGAR provides a variety of care services to help the elderly in their daily activities and household management and to make life easier for their families regarding the need to care and watch over them. In addition to the caregivers, ETGAR employs over a hundred social workers, qualified nurses who chose care nursing, welfare and taking care of the weak to be the focus of their lives. ETGAR Home Care and Welfare provides nursing care and welfare services in an extensive national deployment. The company's expertise is well known, recognized and appreciated by many communities.

Home care services, by law, are designed to help the elderly in their daily functions and to make it easier for their family members to care for and watch over them.Elderly living at home and in need of supervision and/or help to carry out routine functions are eligible for free home care under Long Term Care Insurance Law.

By law, those eligible to submit applications for allowance are:
• Israeli resident, of pension age: men aged 67 and over and woman aged 62 and over.
• Elderly who reside in the community: at home or in sheltered housing.
• Elderly whose income does not exceed the amount set by law.
• Elderly who do not receive disability allowance.
• Elderly who, according to social security records, are in great need of the help of another person in carrying out his/her daily functions (getting dressed, bathing, eating, incontinence, accompaniment, etc)

The Care Insurance Law process

• Contacting ETGAR Home Care and Welfare. A personal meeting will be set with a social worker at the patient's home, accompanied by his family members. During the meeting the process will be explained briefly. An ETGAR employee will assist the elderly and his/her family members to complete the necessary forms.
• Completing the social security claim form and delivering it to the nearest National Insurance Institute (NII) branch to the place of residence.
• Placing a caregiver from ETGAR Home Care and Welfare as pre-nursing care, free of charge, until the NII approval of the Care Insurance Law.
• Visit of a NII representative to perform a functional examination and evaluation.
• NII decision regarding eligibility.
• Visit of a social worker from welfare services to determine the desired treatment plan for the elderly, on the basis of the data collected and his/her future needs.
• An approval from the NII regarding the amount of the allowance.

For an instructional video on completing the social security forms click hereTo download forms to complete and send to NII: click here.In addition to the variety of home care and welfare services for the elderly, ETGAR provides its dedicated services to all sick, handicapped and disabled people, both at home and in medical institutions. ETGAR believes that all of us, even the younger generation, could be injured, become ill, suffer and weaken. ETGAR believes that home care services, provided discretely, professionally and with warm empathy will help patients to recover quickly and to return to normal, stronger and more empowered than ever.We are here for you. ETGAR Home Care and Welfare. For quick contact, leave us your details and we will contact you shortly.

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